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About this site

As the website for my various earlier projects,  it is meant to give an idea of projects, solutions, and approaches to problems in which I have been involved. It is however not intended to be exhaustive. If you have interests you wish to explore which you may think dovetail with mine, I encourage you to contact me here to explore your ideas.


About me

As a consultant, I listen to problems in one area, and then search for the best analytic tools to solve the problem at hand. What makes this process so interesting is that often, the right tool for a given problem may be found in an entirely different area.


For example, the best tool for a problem in economics may be found in differential geometry. The right approach to a thorny public policy problem might lie in pure economic theory.  The best approach to a problem in one area of finance may come from another branch of finance.


Why should this be so?


While there may be no easy answer, a general explanation suggests itself. As technology is busy blurring the borders between disciplines, the work place is instead becoming dominated by increased specialization. This means more connections and patterns are being encountered by people who were originally trained to specialize in a particular area of expertise. Thus at a time when technology is removing barriers between fields, the demands of specialization can, at times, make it more challenging for skilled experts to explore the full spectrum of possibilities. In such situations, we may be unaware that essential aspects of the problems we face have been encountered elsewhere.  This knowledge that others may have already successfully tackled the challenges we now confront can be viewed either as a source of frustration, or opportunity.  It all depends on one’s perspective.


During my training in pure mathematics, I became equally interested in real world problems.  While much of the challenge in research mathematics revolves around the specialized tools needed to attack narrowly defined problems, as a consultant, I sometimes find it more rewarding to find a toolkit that has already been developed elsewhere, and adapt those tools to attack the problem at hand.  While I am always open to the idea of using recently developed or highly advanced analytic tools, I have often found that it is often in the partner/client’s best interest to use fundamental results which, while central in another field,  may be less familiar in the area at hand. 


Feel free to look at a copy of my CV, and browse the site to get more specifics. 










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